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The chair you’re sitting on bends, lifts up, cushions your neck, and can drag on wheels. Great, isn’t it?

But, when it was invented back in 2680 B.C. it had just four legs.  Over the time, someone learned it’s uneasy to sit for long hours, so a cushion was added.

Someone learned it’s difficult to lift, so wheels were added. 

For centuries, someone continuously designed and redesigned it to give you a smooth experience that today while scrolling this, you get to focus on reading rather than struggling with an uncomfortable chair.

We aim to add that seamless experience to the world.

Ethos that keep us on Toes

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    After wearing our curious glasses we proactively look for human-centred problems. At Mouse & Cheese, we aim to simplify the experience to make life easier for everyone.
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    Never settling with obvious and keep working to bring transformative difference is something that drives us.
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    We believe in constantly designing and redesigning experiences from users’ POV. 
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    We know we can’t be a changemaker, proactive or empathetic without being honest, responsible and an organization of strong moral principles. We keep Integrity as our core value.
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      Akash | CEO
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      Himanshu | COO
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      Pavan | UI Designer
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      Atashi | Senior Visual Designer
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      Nimar | Visual Designer
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      Naina | UX Researcher
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      Hitesh | Visual Designer
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      Saloni | Brand Stratergist
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      Ayush | UX Consultant
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      Prathyush | Copy Writer
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      Parth | Film Making
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      Uday | Copy Writer
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      Aarushi | UX Intern
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      Dhara | UI Designer